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The National Healthcare Affordability Act (Obamacare) will add 47 million more uninsured people to the healthcare system. While this will help them, for many patients and doctors, it will have a negative effect. For patients, it may increase co-payments and deductibles from 10 to 27 %. For doctors' offices it will require all insurance claims to be submitted online. Specifically, our office will have to buy expensive computers and software programs plus hire new personnel to file online claims. If we participate in this program we would have to pass on the expense to all our patients, increasing our fees approximately 50%.

For this reason we have decided to keep our low cost, non-insurance payment system and WITHDRAW FROM ALL INSURANCE PLANS EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1st, 2013.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and impact on those patients utilizing their insurance but we must keep our low "fee-for-service" payment schedule.



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