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Understanding Fluoride And Its Effects On The Human Body

Fluoride naturally occurs in the water supply more heavily concentrated in the rocks of Southwest United States. Fluoride is also seen in the water supplies of most other areas including New England. The natural content of fluoride in the public drinking water in Massachusetts is approximately 100th of 1ppm (part per million).

The contention that fluoride naturally occurs is exactly correct, except for its category. It is classified by the EPA and other water analysis text books as an impurity or contaminant. Other impurities include lead and arsenic.

Approximately 50% of the fluoride taken into the body is absorbed, the rest is passed out through the kidneys.

The fluoride that remains in the body is retained for a lifetime and has been known to cause diseases in water levels of 1 to 4ppm, including dental fluorosis which is the first symptoms in the human body of fluorine poisioning. It should be noted that 32 ounces of fluoridated water equals the same amount of fluoride as found in a prescription tablet and that the drug manufacturer suggests that if people who develop skin reactions, headaches, fatigue, or dental fluorosis should discontinue fluoride medication if these side effects occur (how can we stop drinking the water?)

The full extent of the physical complications of taking a toxic substance like fluoride over a lifetime is available on many other sites - a few of which are listed below. We encourage you to gain as much basic information regarding fluoride and physiology in order to appreciate the technical of these sites.

Two recommended studies were produced independently by two commitees appointed by Natick and Wilmington, MA. Their observations and analysis are too extensive for this site but can be downloaded from .


Two independant studies have been conducted by two towns investigating the possibility of fluoridating their water supplies. We recommend that if you are looking for an independant source of information you can download it from....


There is a simple truth regarding any issue - "knowledge will set you free". We encourage you to go to the Public Library and look under Fluoride and it's effects on the human body. Only with this basic information on how fluoride interacts with the human body and the potential side-effects coming from its successive ingestion can you really understand the implications of a lifetime of consuming fluoridated water. Remember, it is not our contention that people should not have the right to consume fluoride but our strong belief that our water supply is no place to carry any chemical, including fluoride, that will change our physical health. It is far too available in many other forms and in fact may at this time be exposing the population to an excessive risk of fluoride related diseases.

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