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Did You Know...

that President Abraham Lincoln was one of the first animal rights activists?

Throughout his childhood he would return baby robins to their nests or wade into a pool of mud to rescue a drowning pig. It was well known around his hometown that if you beat your dog, horse or mule you would be duely scolded by a tall skinny man questioning your inhumane treatment of animals. Five years after his death, the ASPCA was founded in 1868.

Dr. Dean and his dogs

Following this great President's tradition, I've always believed that the gift that was given to us of having "dominion over all" was both a right and responsibility. The right to control our destiny and the responsibility of giving humane treatment to the animals that join us here on earth.

Several years ago, I was fortunate to meet a wonderful woman named Linda Antoniucci who showed me through her example how to lend a hand to animals in distress, this included some cats but mostly dogs. As a result, we served on the advisory board to city dog pounds and founded together the Dog Adoption Network (D.A.N.). More recently we have been providing a universal web site (k9finder) for the purpose of locating lost dogs and helping dogs that have been abandoned find new homes through adoptions. Please take some time to visit these web sites.

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